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Cattle Cost Calculator

Cattle Cost Calculator.


Cattle Cost Calculator

by Wise Owl Mobile Data™

It's the ultimate cattle breakeven calculator for Smart Phones, Tablets, iPhones, iPads, Android Mobile Devices, Desktops, and Laptops.

The Cattle Cost Calculator by Wise Owl Mobile Data™ is a cattle breakeven calculator, a cattle purchase price calculator, a cattle sell price calculator, a cattle feed ration calculator, a cattle net profit calculator, and a days on feed calculator combined into one easy to use mobile and desktop web application. It also calculates gross profits, sales dates, pounds gained, death loss, interest costs, yardage costs, and more.


The Cattle Cost Calculator will calculate the purchase price from a sales price, or calculate the sales price from a purchase price, or calculate the Expected Net Profit from a Buy Price and Sell Price, while calculating or re-calculating the breakeven prices, net profit, and costs accordingly.


This Cattle Calculator calculates all the costs associated with feeding cattle, it's like having the close out sheet in your hand before the cattle are purchased.


The Cattle Cost Calculator automatically saves your calculations allowing you to quickly access your data for easy review, whether you are at home on your desktop or on the road with your mobile devices.


With the ability to create templates, the Cattle Cost Calculator allows you to prepare your known data in advance of an upcoming cattle auction. Templates are a time saving feature that make it quick, easy, and accurate to enter in only  the time sensitive data, and the template fills in the rest of the fields and quickly calculates your new data.


Also included is the cattle feed Ration Cost Calculator, which allows you to create a custom Feed List by simply entering the Feed Name, Feed Price, Unit of Measure, Dry Matter % and Mix %. You can then select feeds from your Feed List to send to the Ration Cost Calculator which calculates the dry matter Ration Cost per/ton, and each Dry Matter Feed Price per/ton/mix%. You have the option to save your Rations for easy referral, and also your saved Rations can be sent out to any email address. This is a great tool for quick and accurate dry matter feed ration calculating.

Wise Owl Mobile Data™ applications run on your mobile device and your desktop computer making it easy to access your saved data, or quickly calculate new data.

The Cattle Cost Calculator is unique in that it mathematically calculates forwards (from a purchase price), and backwards (from a sales price). All of the calculations are based solely on the data that the user has entered, not on statistical probabilities, or historical data simulations. Our cattle calculator uses algebraic mathematical formulas and proprietary algorithms, combined with smart programming technologies, which are inherently consistent and provide repeatable accurate results.




The free trial includes demo templates and a demo feed list.


The Cattle Cost Calculator

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